(2012) Being a Year-1 student in one of the University of London, everything is new to me, especially my new home, London. It’s time for me to explore London and i wish i will be an expert in it after 3 years (:

(2013) Second year have started. I decided to change the style of my blog. From now on, I will be writing not only what I have discovered in London, but everything. Like travelling experience(e.g. Vietnam trip), what inspires me, food, special things that I have found in the media,etc. I hope the posts in the previous year have somehow inspired you, changed your perceptions of certain thing, made you learn something or gain something.

(2014) My final year of uni life has finally arrived. This year, I would like to travel as many places as I can, as i don’t think i will have this kind of ‘keep travelling’ opportunities when I go back to HongKong. My  travel bucket list for this year will be Poland, Iceland/Norway, Greece, Taiwan/Thailand. Hope everything will go well this year. I would  also like to find a job/ apply to another degree and achieve at least 2:1 before summer. Good luck with me and everyone who is reading my blog! :D

(2016) 2015 was a busy year for me. I have been studying my master degree in Hong Kong while doing an internship in a social enterprise.  It actually took me some time to adapt to my “old” HK living style. I didn’t really do any travel this year. I am graduating soon and it’s time for me to do job hunting. I would love to do some crazy traveling before entering the busy work life. I am still thinking what kind of content should I write for my blog now since I have already left London. Would you guys be interested in reading some personal stories that I heard from people I met in HK? Anyway, I am grateful that you are still following my blog. (Hi! Newcomers!) I believe 2016 will be a great year for us. Looking forward to embracing new experiences! (:

(2018) Seems like I have abandoned my blog for quite some time. Surprisingly, I am currently working full time in the social enterprise that I interned in 2 years ago. 2 years have passed and I have met a lot of AMAZING people from more than 50 countries. The flexibility of this job allowed me to travel to Thailand, Germany, Taiwan, Sweden, Estonia and Singapore in 2 years. I have been more than grateful that I have a job which I enjoy doing so much. However, things have to come to an end sometimes. I am considering to change my job and put myself into the corporate sea. Let’s see how this goes.

“Life truly is precious. Gather every moment of it into your arms & embrace it.”
― Paula Abdul

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