Kazakhstan Day 7

Medeu Skating Rink! It was quite cloudy and we kinda expected it to rain. Weather was quite alright when we headed to bus station. There was only 2 bus to go to Medeu from city centre, we waited for more than 30mins at the bus station. One random taxi driver told us that the cable car was closed, and we ignored him because we thought it’s a scam.

The bus ride was really great; 80 tenge only, just like other bus ride. We felt like it was a short tourist bus ride because we passed by mountains, trees and river along our way. Definitely worth it! Rain was getting heavier once we got off. Cable car was obviously closed because of the weather. We went into a really comfy restaurant instead and had some food. We ordered Kumis, a fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare’s milk. It is the national drink of Kazakhstan as well as Mongolia. Sorry, but I would say that Kumis is the most disgusting and weird drink I have ever drank. It tasted like watery yogurt with lots of lemon juice + cheese + alcohol + slightly salty. You guys need to try it if you visit Kazakhstan. We ordered only one glass of Kumis to share among four, and we needed to make it as punishment for drinking games. We took an hour to finish this ONE glass of Kumis.

We went for a long walk after returning to the city center. We passed by Panfilov’s 28 Guardsmen and Zenkov Cathedral. Panfilov’s Men are a group of soldiers from the Red Army’s 316th Rifle Division who took part in the defense of Moscow during WWII. These men are named as the “Hero of the Soviet Union” after destroying 18 German tanks. Zenkov Cathedral is a orthodox church; top 8 highest buildings of the world constructed entirely from wood.

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