Kazakhstan Day 6

Couldn’t believe that my first “view” of Almaty is a range of snow covered mountains.

I had been contacting my Malaysian friend who is currently working in Kyrgyzstan, who I met in Vietnam during my exchange (You can probably find him in my Vietnam photos). My colleagues and I actually wanted to visit both Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan when we planned the trip. But due to some visa problem, we decided to stay only in Kazakhstan. My friend took a 6-hour bus ride from Bishkek to Almaty for some visa thing and also for us to meet up! So my only thing for Day 6 was just to catch up with him. Can you believe that I can meet my friend whom I met 4 years ago + have always thought that we won’t able to meet again.

For Almaty Television Tower, you couldn’t actually get into the tower. People usually take the minibus up to the tower from the entrance for 300 tenge. We of course took the harder route, which is WALK. We took the short cut and accidentally went to the entrance of an army training station. Once you reached the TV tower, you will be led to an animal zoo + amusement park. The place was quite small, but the scenery was great.

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