Kazakhstan Day 5

Almaty! Wait for us!!

We would be taking a 21-hour train to Almaty from Astana. The train we took was the cheapest among others, usually for locals. Of course, we stayed in the cheapest class too. No surprise right?

Only hot water would be provided in the train, so we went to supermarket to buy food and snacks before heading to the train station. Alcohol and cup noodles shouldn’t be missed in these kind of long ride.

The train was surprisingly clean. Each compartment had 6 beds, which was perfect for us, 6 of us. Even though there was no door between compartments and they were more like a public sharing compartment. It was interesting to see what do locals usually do and eat in the train. Clean beddings and pillow case were individually packed for each person, and each of us got to get one “starter pack” once we were on board.

Interesting/Fun things that happened during our ride:

  1. A Kazakh girl was really interested in playing with one of our friend, she kept playing with him for the whole ride. Two other kids eventually joined
  2. A local middle aged lady was selling preserved dried fish in the train, every time she walked past the whole compartment stinks lol
  3. Our train passed by Lake Balkhash, 12th largest lake in the world in the midnight. Such a pity that we couldn’t really see it because it was too dark out there.
  4. One of our friend got really drunk after playing several rounds of poker games. She went to the toilet to puke before she went to sleep.

The toilets were actually quite clean. Someone would clean it every 4-5 hours. For some reason I woke up at 5:35am and I had the chance to witness the sunrise in the train. Clean bed sheets, music, sunrise, perfect!

This 21-hour ride was actually so much shorter than I thought.

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