Kazakhstan Day 4

This is the last day in Astana, we will head over to Almaty tomorrow by train.

In the morning, some of us went to the train station to buy the train tickets and some of us went to the national museum to have a look. The museum was SO MUCH better than the one we went yesterday. Newly built and well decorated. Just that I had no idea that we couldn’t take photos in the museum (you know, British museum allow us to take photos..). A Russian speaking staff came over to stop us and I immediately apologised for it. Then a English-speaking chubby lady who was probably in her 40s started bluffing and said “you should respect others culture…. Why are you taking pictures… Do you not know that you can never take photos in museums?…” At the back of our mind, we were like “what.. we have apologised already, and it’s none of your business…”

Anyway, we went to Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center afterwards. It is designed to maintain an internal temperature between 15–30 °C, while outside the temperature varies between −35 and 35 °C across the year. It was pretty hot in there. They also have an arcade centre and outdoor beach on their rooftop. We took a gypsy cab and headed back to hostel for some rest.

(I will explain what is a gypsy cab in my next post, and what interesting thing happened)

Why did we go back to the hostel instead of dinner? Because we wanted to see the night view of the Hazrat Sultan Mosque. Hazrat Sultan Mosque is the largest mosque in central Asia opened since in 2012. The mosque looks spectacular in the morning and stunning at night. You guys need to go check that out if you are going to Astana.

On our way back to our hostel from the mosque, we passed by the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. We literally “hiked” up to the bottom of the Palace. At the spot, you would have a chance to see the night view of the city. It was crazily windy, but we had so much fun up there e.g. took silly photos. This is the best night of our trip.

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