Kazakhstan Day 3

You might not know, but Astana has actually nothing much for us to visit. haha. The whole place is very modern and new as it is a newly planned city. The place is filled with modern buildings and parks with super super wide roads.

Day 3 was a walking day for us. Our agenda was Riverside –> Atameken Ethno-Memorial Complex –> Dinner

We walked from our hostel along the Ishim river and reached the Atameken Ethno-Memorial Complex after 1.5 hour. We found lots of sign when we were walking along the river. But we cant decipher any of them. Maybe you guys can have a guess.

Atameken Ethno-Memorial Complex is basically a outdoor miniature museum of Kazakhstan. It covered the landscape of the whole Kazakhstan including mountains, railways and different buildings. However, most of them are out of scale, old and sketchy. We even saw a staff using glue to fix one of the rooftop of the buildings. After all, it only cost 400 tenge for us to get in (~USD$1.1), so we really cant complain much. It was a nice place to learn roughly the landscape of Kazakhstan as well as how different are the architecture style of different part of Kazakhstan. Just to warn you guys, it can be f…king sunny and hot if you visit the place during the day.

We went to LineBrew at night for dinner. It looks like a castle outdoor and of course also, indoor. They have live music at night! We tried their horsemeat on hot stone, which was really nice. Horsemeat tasted like non-chewy very-lean beef. Of course, we tried their beer. Linebrew is a beer which is brewed in Kazakhstan. Both Linebrew brune and linebrew wheat beer were good! The meal was really expensive if you calculate it in local living standard, around 20000 tenge. But it was really affordable for 5 of us (~USD $12) especially when we ordered more than 6 beers, one cocktail and some tea and coffee.

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