Kazakhstan Day 2

First thing to feel when I wake up – neck pain! The bed was way too soft. Anyway, we headed to the immigration police office after having breakfast. We took bus 21 to get there and guess what, we bumped into the same bus staff who we met yesterday when we took bus 12 from airport.

In case you dont know, most of us need to do police registration within 5 days once we arrived Kazakhstan, or else you will be in trouble when you leave the country. As I have mentioned, our hostel is slightly dodgy, so of course they are not going to help us to do it. Instead they gave us an address. On the way to the immigration office, a random passby start talking to us, asking where are we from. He started to use his limited English + Russian to tell us how he loves football and Germany, and mentioned about Jackie Chan.

We spent an hour waiting in the queue in the office to thinking that we can grab some forms to fill in. There was basically no queue, and there was only one officer working. No English speaking staff there to help. In the queue, we met a guy from Afghanistan. He is actually working in Médecins Sans Frontières in charging of logistics. It was interesting to listen to him.

I finally knocked and ask one of the staff and he said its lunch hour now, and they will open again at 2pm. See! We should have learnt some Russian. We went back after lunch and realised there was no English at all in the registration form. A lady saw us and offered help. We are so grateful for that. She even asked some random strangers to see how they can help. It nearly took us 5 hours including lunch to deal with this. It was an interesting experience though.

We slowly walked back to the hostel from the immigration office, which took us 2 hours. But we have seen a lot during the walk.

We went to a restaurant named Svoy after dinner.  Their food and drinks were great. Very relaxing place. And the best thing is having a live local band show at 10pm. You guys must check that out if you are visiting Astana.

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