Kazakhstan Day 1

I have been doing my internship in the social enterprise for more than 8 months already. when your boss and colleagues so good that you guys are like family, it is time for us to travel together!

Plans only work when you start doing it, so here we go. We are going to Kazakhstan! First day is basically transit for us.

Hong Kong –> Almaty (6.5 hours flight) –> Astana (1.5 flight)

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country by land area and the ninth largest country in the world, and was the last country to declare independence among the soviet republic. Especially in HK, barely anyone knows about this country. However, with the new framework “One belt, One Road” being promoted by the government recently, people started to know more about it.

Almaty is largest city and former capital of Kazakhstan. Once you walk into the airport, you will observe that the whole environment esp. the immigration still preserved the former soviet union setting. People looks very serious with no simile.

Astana look very different from Almaty from the plane. The buildings are a lot more modern, a lot of the building nearby the airport are still under construction. It’s where the Expo 2017 going to hold. Astana is a lot more cooler and windy. The temperature can varies from 3 degrees to 20 degrees in a day.

It took us more than an hour to find our hostel. We crossed the Yesil River during sunset. It was beautiful. We were so surprised with the amount of people trying to offer help when we were kinda lost, finding the hostel.

*Will tell you more about the hostel tomorrow


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