Greece Day 6

Second last day in Greece and we were heading to Athens. We took the hellenic seaways ferry instead of flight, because it’s a lot cheaper (obviously). We had a seafood lunch near the port and walked to the port 15 mins. When we arrived, there were no one! And We were like “fuck!”, and I quickly ran to the nearest travel agency company and asked. The lady told me there are two ports in Mykonos, old port and new port. Old port is the one we just went. and new port is few metres away from the city center, and that is the one we should be heading to. The lady quickly helped us to call a taxi. Time was running out, with 10 mins left till the ferry depart. We were all in a picnic, if we missed this ferry, we would need to pay quite a lot of money to buy a new one, and we might also miss our flight back to London too, since we were only staying in Athens for a day. The taxi arrived within 3 mins. He didn’t say anything, I guess the lady have told him what is going on. He literally jumped out of his seat and quickly put our luggage to the trunk. Car Drift? Yeah, that’s what we were experiencing (similar). Totally not kidding. He stopped right at the “door” of the ferry, and we just ran madly to the ferry. he told us to pay him €7, we paid him €10. Totally worth it, grateful to have him as our taxi driver.

The travelling time took around 4 hours. I did my dissertation there, was trying to finish my abstract and content page. (Btw, I got back my dissertation. I got 83 for that. I am really really happy. Luckily, the trip didn’t affect my grade, or else I will go kill myself). We arrived Athens, and took a bus from the port to the airport, and took a bus to the city center. We were so tired after all these. First impression of Athens: undeveloped and dirty.

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