Greece Day 5

Mykonos  has nothing much to do to be honest, it has lots of beaches outside town. Well. You know there are so many nice beaches in Asia, e.g. Thailand, so we really don’t expect much. Just want to go to one of the beaches and take a look. We planned to Kiki’s Taverna at Agios Sostis. I read online and saw that everyone is recommending this restaurant, but due to the low season (I think?), there aren’t any bus going to that beach, so we went to Paradise beach instead. It took us around half an hour bus to reach there. The entrance of the beach are doggy, but once you walk into it, there are lots of street art on the way to the beach. The beach was quite small, the sand of course was not those soft and smooth ones. We went to a cafe which have tables and sofas placed on the beach and ordered a few drinks. Even it was really sunny, and the temperature was quite low. We actually enjoyed our time at the beach. We spent around an hour or more there.

We went back and have lunch near the coast and tried to find the pelicans. My friend looked online and found that in Mykonos there are only three pelicans, and are called Petros. According to the local legend, the original pelican was found dying after a storm in Mykonos, and a fisherman found him and nursed him. Residents of the island started to take turns to feed him, and it eventually becomes the mascot of Mykonos. It eventually died, and people start to bring pelicans in to replace the orginal Petros. So here you comes, there are three pelicans in the town now, and they have favourite place to hang out, e.g. in a restaurant call Niko’s (the place where we see the pelican first time in Day 1) and a bar. We went around the city center and went to all their favourite spots, still we couldn’t found them.

For dinner, we planned to go to a restaurant at little Venice which has a balcony with it for us to look at the sunset, but it’s closed! So we randomly went into one very touristic restaurant, their lobster spaghetti were very pricey and it tasted really shit. The lobster were not fresh at all, and you totally tell it was from the freezer and have died for ages.

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