Greece Day 4

For the forth day, we left Santorini to Mykonos. We took flying cat 4,a high speed ferry, for an hour and a half to reach Mykonos. It was a small and peaceful town, had lots of Americans tourists for some reason. We took quite a lot of time finding our hostel, but we finally found it. We arrived and the room allocated to us was so different to the pictures showed in, so i immediately took my computer and showed the guy at the reception. The one I booked show a big living room, with a very modern bathroom, and the room he sent us to is like a shit hole compare to that. A bathroom that was so small to even turn our body, and our room was very doggy, with dead insects’ body lying on the side of the window. He quickly explained that all their rooms are different, and someone is staying in the one that was shown in the web. He asked if we want to move to that room the next day and stay in the original room for a day. I refused, so he asked if I want to change our room. That room was of course not as good as the one showed in the web, but still a lot better than another one, so we quickly switched our room. (At least he tried to help (: )

We went out to have lunch afterwards, near the coast, and walked around the town. The guy in the hostel told us there are pelicans near the port. We thought there should be a lot. Turns out there isn’t any… and we accidentally bumped into one of them outside a restaurant. After that, we went to a place call little Venice and also visited the windmill.

We went back to our room to rest a bit and had dinner in a restaurant call m-eating, which tasted really good. With the quality and look of the food, it definitely worth it. The thing is, it was not even that expensive. You can’t eat anything similar in London if you are paying this amount of money.

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