Greece Day 3

On the third day, we joined a half day boat tour to go to the volcano –> hot spring –> back to Fira. I felt really lucky because our hotel was not in Fira center, but closed to the sea, facing right opposite the volcano. Even we needed to walk for 30 mins everyday to the center, the scene from the hotel can just beat everything.

We had gyro for lunch before we headed off to the port. Gyro was something really similar to kebab, but included fries in it. We then took the cable car to the port. The view from the cable car was really nice, but the ride was quite short. The sea water was really clean and clear. Once we arrived the volcano island, we needed to ‘trek’ for around 45 mins to reach the crater. It was quite tiring, but it was a nice place to ‘get in touch’ with the nature, the sky and the fresh air. After that, the boat stopped by a hotspring. People started jumping into the sea and swim towards the hot spring, we didn’t go as we didn’t bring our swimsuit.

Once we got back to the Fira port, we had a donkey ride. We thought that donkeys here were  well treated, since this is a small island, and the donkeys seem to be obeying their owners willingly. (I went to inner mongolia 7/8 years ago, and the horses were really nicely treated. The owners treated them like their sons, and all the their horses will just follow wherever their owners go) So we thought that they will be treating them like that, but then we checked online afterwards, and found out that this was not true at all. So if you guys are coming to Santorini, I don’t really recommend you to have a donkey ride, even the view of the ride was quite nice.

Our hotel had a really small and really nice infinity pool, so we just had a short swim after our day trip and enjoyed the sunset.

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