Greece Day 2

On the second day, we had a continental breakfast in our hotel and walked to Fira. The reception told us that it would take around 10 mins to go there, turns out we took 30 mins. She was probably saying 10 mins by taxi. We walked around the town went to the Archaeological museum, nothing much to see in the museum. Then, we finally found our way to the center of town, with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops. I was so careless – forgot to bring my rayban sunglasses, so I went to those tourist souvenir shop and bought a fake one which cost me 10 euros. I checked online and read that there is a really good waffles cafe call Corner Restaurant in Santorini. We found it, but then they said they wont open till next week… probably because it’s not high season yet. So we just randomly chose one restaurant to dine in, turns out their food tasted pretty good.

Fira is actually quite small, nothing much to see. We didnt really do any research before we go, so we thought that the classic Santorini scene (three blue dome shape architecture) is in Fira. Then, we found out that it is in Oia, so we went to the bus station and take around 30min ride to Oia. It is a very small town, with small souvenirs and handicraft shops. A very calm and peaceful place. We went to the northest part of Oia (i think?) to take picture, and sat at a cafe for awhile and enjoy the sea view. At last, we finally found the three dome shape thing. There wasn’t a very obvious path/sign to show you the way, so we struggled a bit. But to be honest the view wasnt as good as I expected, i would rather choose the view with a windmill in it.

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