Greece Day 1

For this Easter holiday trip, we will be going to Santorini –> Mykonos –> Athens for 7 days. We didnt stay long due to exams, but we had a really great trip. I dont mind going again in the summer at all (:

For the first day, we woke up 4:30am to catch our flight from Sansted to Athens. Due to low season, there is no direct flight from LDN to Santorini, so we landed in Athens and caught another 1 hour flight to Santorini. There you go! The airport was really small, and there were only one shuttle bus, which is to Fira. Since our hotel was not really close to Fira, we took taxi to our hotel. It cost us 15 euros for the less than 10 min travel. But whatever, we finally arrived and the staff in the hotel were really friendly and welcoming. I am really surprised with the view of our room. It’s magnificent, really, especially during sunset.

We were pretty tired on the first day, so we didn’t go out to Fira. We had a nice dinner in the hotel next to ours. We found out that the hotel just started opening at the end of March 2015, so everything were clean and new.

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