Duck and Waffle

Duck and waffle is located at the 40th of Heron tower in London and opens 24/7. Many people recommended me to go and try their classic dish “duck and waffle”, so my friend booked a table one month ago to make sure we can give it a try before exams start.

The restaurant was less formal than I thought. It was quite noisy, but the view was great. We ordered two starters to share among 3 of us, a spicy ox cheek doughnut and a foie gras creme brulee. For the mains, we ordered of course the duck and waffles. We also ordered 2 alcoholic and 1 non-alcoholic cocktail.

The ox doughnut tasted quite nice, but we all thought that the creme brulee was over-priced. It was smooth, but the foie gras taste was not as strong as I expected. For the duck, it was perfectly deep fried (not oily/rough). However the combination with waffle was a bit weird, they didn’t really matched, but still overall was a quite good dish. Drinks were a total disappointment. We loved cocktails and have tried many in different restaurants, but the taste of their cocktails were really not my taste. I guess that’s the reason why most of the people ordered wine instead.

We booked the table at 5:45 and hoped that we might able to catch a glimpse of the sunset before we left. Unfortunately, the restaurant faced east, so you couldn’t really view the sunset from your seat.

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I have recorded my ‘going up to duck and waffle lift journey’. Feel free to watch it through this link.

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