New layout?!

Hi guys, I am really sorry if I have only been posting photos but not writing in my blogs. I have been super busy in the last few months, doing my dissertation and will be quite busy till end of May too. As all of you know that, exam is coming! Happy times ;D

In case you are wondering why did I change the layout of my blog, I just feel like this suit my blogging style more. With lots of pictures,filling the whole blog with colours. Perfectly tie in with the aim of my blog: People who read my blog could fill their day with happiness and colour. Hope you like my choice. I know it’s a wise one ;)

I will be writing post about my Greece trip very soon, so hang on! Also, I will be going to Peru in June for 2 weeks. So more posts for you guys to read! Looking for suggestions and recommendations if you have any!

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