Copehagen Day 5

First thing for us to begin our day in Copenhagen –> Breakfast!! We thought cafes and restaurants would be open by 9am to serve breakfast. Surprisingly, at 9am when we arrived the mall, no restaurants/shops were opened, not even MacDonald! so we waited till 10am… Food were so expensive here! Due to our limited budget, I chose a kid meal and gave the toy to the little boy sat near us.

We went to the National museum afterwards, it was quite informative. I learnt a lot of after visiting. One of the drawback was the museum was too big (my problem), and I haven’t got the patience to read through all the info. But their temporary exhibition which was ‘Fur- an issue of life and death’ really interesting. They mentioned about the ethical issues and debates of using fur as clothing and garments.

We went to have Sichuan food for lunch (can’t find any restaurants nearby) and headed over to the Carlsberg experience. We had 2 free beers. I thought it was quite boring, as it was not interactive at all. They showed us the machines they used before and the history of the brewery.

*One thing: their place was quite far, and it was raining heavily. The train staff gave us the wrong information, so it took us 30 mins to walk there from the train station under the rain. Anyway, it was a nice experience to meet the horses and see the collection of beer.

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