Stockholm –> Copenhagen Day 4

Day 4, it was the time for us to go to Copenhagen. Sweden was a nice country, I will definitely miss it, especially the friendliness of the locals and their snow view. We took SJ train (something similiar to eurostar) to Denmark. It normally takes around 5 hours to reach. However according to the staff, there were some accidents happened at the train station ahead of us, so our train delayed 1.5 hours. Luckily the train had wifi and I had 3G on my phone, or else I will definitely bored to death. But still, after more than 6 hours staying in my train, my butt hurt. I just wanted to get out of the train asap.

It was already dark when we arrive at the central station. Luckily, our hotel was not too far from the station. It took us around 20min walk, and it’s next to the big river. We were too lazy to go back to the city centre, but we still manged to find a good. dining place. Stick & sushi! The restaurant was located at the top floor of the hotel opposite us. I have tried their food in London last year; with good quality. So we headed up and waited at their bar for around 20 mins. Sushi were so good, a lot better than the one i had in London. But their sticks were not hot enough, scallops were kind of cold. I guess they were really busy?

There was a big shopping mall next to our hotel, so we walked around and went to their supermarket to buy some fruits lol

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