Stockholm Day 3

After going to Gamla Stan in Day 2, we went to another small island- Djurgården in Day 3, which is more rural and the attractions are mainly museums.

We had a really nice breakfast in our hotel (included) and then we headed over to the island. All the main attractions were  quite close actually, or I would say all the islands and city center were in walking distance. Stockholm haven’t got lots of metro/train station, so in order to go Djurgården, we needed to take metro to Karlaplan station and walk all across the bridge to reach it.  We first went to Vasa Museum as it ranked the 1st in the attractions ranking in the trip adviser web. The museum has really opened my eyes. It was a maritime museum which displayed a 99% intact warship – “Vasa” that sank on her voyage around 300 years ago. They showed us how it was found and and the history of the ship, and how did they recover and preserve the warship. This museum was certainly the highlight of my trip!

Schedule of the Day: Vasa Musuem –> ABBA museum (Entrance fee for ABBA museum was too expensive for us, and we weren’t that interested in it, so we ended up looking at their souvenir shop) –> Lunch in a cafe next to Nordic Museum (food weren’t too good, so I didn’t show you guys the picture) –> Nordic Museum (We went there at 4pm, and there were barely anyone in the Museum. They displayed doll houses and social history items in Sweden. For me, I think the whole place was really creepy, I literally treated my visit as a haunted house trip. The museum was so big; with no other visitors except us, the whole place made me so scared) –> Metro station visit –> Dinner (french food in a bar)

You might not know, Stockholm metro station system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibition. Out of 90/100 stations, there are art/paintings/sculptures for each station.

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