Stockholm Day 1 and 2

After all the hectic months, I finally have time to relax and go travel. This Christmas, we decided to go to Sweden and Denmark. I was planning to go to Krakow for the concentration camp actually, but I wanted to go to a 7 days trip, so we switched to Sweden and Denmark. In case you guys don’t know, Sweden is the happiest nation in the world; and this is also the reason why Sweden is a place where I have been longing to go.

We didn’t visit any place in the first day. Sunset comes at 3pm in December, so we just went to TGI Friday to have dinner (price is similiar to hard rock, but hard rock’s food are so much better) and stayed in the hotel for the rest of the day.

For the second day, we visited the Gamla Stan, the small island below the central station. We went to the cafe which buzzfeed said they have one of the best hot chocolate (for me, the hot chocolate was just average) and a restaurant called Gastabud for dinner, which has really nice Swedish food!

Schedule of Day 2: Stockholm Palace and Musuem (connected) –> Hot chocolate –> Nobel Museum –> Dinner (Gastabud) –> Supper (sushi)

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