I have been longing to go to legoland since I came to UK. Their lego-made character/animals/statues are really cute, especially the Miniland (which most of my pictures are taken there)! In case you have no idea what the Miniland is, it is actually a ‘section’ in the park which they have recreated scenes and buildings from the world by using lego bricks. Around 40 millions of lego used in the miniland. Most impressive thing ever!!

The park was quite old and dirty. I can often see spider webs or ‘dust webs’ at the corners and fences. The colour of some of the lego statues have also wear off. I bet they haven’t refurbished it since its opening. They have many attractions and rides in the park, but it’s not the thrilling ones. Afterall, this is a theme park for kids, cant expect much! We didn’t stay till the firework shows, because it’s too cold. But they have a special design paper goggles that you can buy. Apparently when you wear it, all the fireworks will look like lego bricks. The park is a bit disappointing, but it is a good place for you to relax and have some family activities, especially with kids.

P.S. The staff gave us 3 extra free tickets when we bought our tickets, so we can come back again?!! (free stuff :D)

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