Amsterdam Day 3

Last day in Amsterdam, we haven’t got lots of time, so we just went to Van Gogh Museum and the floating flower market. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed in the Van Gogh Museum. I really love his work, but this museum has not got the paintings that I want to see, like the starry starry night and the Cafe Terrace At Night. They have his famous self portrait painting and the sunflowers. They don’t allow us to take pictures, not even allow us to bring our bags into the Museum, so it is such a pity that I can’t took the photos and share it to you guys.

We went to the floating market afterwards, got a free small starbucks sample drinks :D and have bought some tulip bulbs. We were searching for the cheese fries, which everyone is eating, but unfortunately we couldn’t find it ): We went to the train station super early to avoid missing the train AGAIN like day one……… Ha! We didn’t of course.

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