Amsterdam Day 2 (PART 2)

Second part of the day, I went to meet my friends I met in Vietnam!!! If you guys follows my blog long enough, you should have read my posts on my volunteer experience. Just go click “Vietnam” under travel, and you can read them (:

Yeah. So one of my friends are actually from German, but she came over to study her degree. And my another friend is dutch! They stayed in different places in Netherlands but it’s just take them an hour to come by train. We rode the canal bike for 1.5hour. We got lost at the middle cause we didn’t follow the map we provided us, so we end up google mapping to find our way. It’s a good excuse to exercise. After that, we went to a Turkish restaurant. Really nice food i think. Huge portions. This is my first time trying Turkish cuisine. We head back to central station and my friend and I went to Red light district to have a look. It was around 9pm, so there weren’t much to see. There are girls standing in window parlours with their underwear. Lots of sex toy shops and actually live porno shows. I was interested lol, would like to see what will they do. But my friend wasn’t .. ya. so we just left and went back to the hotel.

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