Amsterdam Day 2 (PART 1)

Since we had three days only for Amsterdam, we went out super early in the second day. As we don’t have much time to join the windmill and cheese day tour, we decided to visit the windmill in the city. The only windmill which is open to public in Amsterdam. Take bus 1/2 can reach. Got off at the last station and walked for 10 mins. There was one windmill, it’s a bit disappointed cause it’s not what i expected.. But whatever, still, this is the first time for me to see a windmill. Just blame my school starts school so early, so that i don’t have time to stay for one more day. The area of where the windmill is a residential area i think? It’s a countryside. It’s great to breathe in some fresh air though, and enjoy the view.

After that, we went to Sex Museum. It’s quite small, but it’s quite ‘informative’. If you are under 18, just don’t look at my pictures below. Ya. The statues and photos are very explicit. There are even fake plastic model masturbating. It’s quite lame to be honest, but you can  have a good laugh.

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