Amsterdam Day 1

It has been awhile since I have gone back from Amsterdam. I finally have time to upload and share my photos with you guys. Going to Amsterdam should be very fast and convenience for me as i am living in King Cross.  The queue in nero was so long.. and we missed our train -__- Luckily, the staff are really kind and she gave us a ticket for the next train. We went from King Cross –> Lille –> Brussels (change to take Thalys) –> Amsterdam. We took us about 5 hours to reach and arrived at around 5.

We took so much time to find our hotel, as it’s not close the train station. Not much time left before sunset, so we decided to go to Anne Frank House for our first place. Then we went to The Dam and had Argentina steak nearby. I didnt know that the street we had dinner was next to the red light district till the third day. You can smell weed every corner in the Dam square. Personally, i think Anne Frank House was the best thing that i have gone to in my trip. I learned so much and by going into their house and imagine how their lives were when hiding made me feels dreadful and depressed.

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