Australia Day 3

Our third day is a free day. Our tour guide asked us if we want to join some short tour for the day. We then decided to watch the whale, join the Aquaduck one hour tour and go see the glow-worm in the Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park.

The boat depart at 11am. We arrived at 10:15 to make sure we get the best seats – upper floor. The captainled us to where the whale usually appears. As late May to November are migration season of humpback and orca whale. They migrate from the cold waters of Antarctic to warmer places like Australia. At first, we found some splash at around 400m far. Then, through signals from other captains, we found the trace of whales. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the chance to see the whales jumping out of water. But anyway… it’s great to meet the whales even just their tails.

The second tour is call Aquaduck. It’s quite interesting. I believe most of you have seen something like this before. It is basically same as the London Duck tour, which the ‘machine’ can be used as a car or a boat = works in land and water. We pass through the surfer paradise and the ‘rich residential’ area, where they have their own pier and went back.

We had ramen at night and went to Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park to see the glow worm. As these glow worms are REALLY sensitive to light, so i didn’t take any pictures. Each of us are given a tiny torch to make sure we know where we are heading to.. Each day, only 300 international visitors are allowed to come in order to protect and reserve the place. These glow worm are not fireflies, they release blue and greenish light and they don’t really fly. Most of their lives are in larvae stage. Once they have the ability to fly, they will mate and reproduce, but this period only last for 3-5 days.

For me, the glow worms are not as attractive as the stars. If you guys have the chance to visit the place, MAKE SURE to lift up your head and look at the sky. That will be one of the most amazing moment in your life. Glow worms need to live in a place with very limited light, so the national park nearly no light pollution. The sky will be so clear that you can see thousand of stars upon your head. I can even see the Silver River, no kidding.

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