Australia Day 1

Every summer our family will have a short family trip, to have some quality family time as most of the year i am not with them and relax. This year we went to Brisbane, Australia. Since we have no time to plan our trip at all, so we join a 6 day travel tour. Basically for the first and last day, we are on the plane, so we actually have 4 days only. But whatever, we still had some great time in Aus. 

For the first day, We arrived at 8am and the weather was terrible. We just went to paradise country to visit the animals. It rained heavily. However, we got to feed the kangaroos and hug koalas. I am really satisfied! Meeting the kangaroos and koalas is my main reason for me to visit Aus to be honest. 

The lunch in the paradise country was awful. We went to check in afterwards and rest a bit then have a buffet dinner. Our tour guide is really nice and friendly. He then brought us to the city center to walk around and our family went to Woolworth the supermarket to buy some snacks and noddles to eat in our rooms.

*Oh! Just realize that Queensland forbids supermarket to sell alcoholic drinks. We need to go to particular shops to sell wines and spirits.*

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