Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Guys, have you heard of  liquid nitrogen ice cream?

There is a new ice cream shop in Hong Kong call lab Made and their ice cream is made to order. (they have started since 2012 actually) It’s currently one of the most popular ice-cream-to-have place in HK.

It is made from fresh ingredients and freeze it at -196 ℃ liquid nitrogen. You can see the the nitrogen gas ‘floods’ out when they are making the ice cream. Another special thing about this shop is they change their flavour every 2 weeks.

yeah, their ways of making ice cream and flavours are quite unusual. But personally, I think some of their flavour are TOO unusual for me, like the one my friend had today – green peas tofu. It’s literally taste like the typical green pea soup in UK but in ice cream texture. One of their flaws is that the ice cream melts really quickly and you need to finish it in real quick. I guess it is because of the big difference of temperature when making and when we eat.

But for tourist or people that haven’t tried before. Go and have a try. Maybe you guys will love it!

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