Chinese afternoon tea

British English tea is so common, how about Chinese afternoon tea?

My friend and I went to ping pong restaurant and had a 16 pounds for 2 afternoon tea but in Chinese style. We knew that it wont be enough for us, so we went to Selfridges to try the famous salted beef sandwiches.

20140611-220255.jpg20140611-220301.jpg IMG_2995IMG_299420140611-220310.jpg

We ordered salted beef and ox tongue with different bread and sauce in it. It’s actually not that special and the taste of salted beef is very average. Personally, I think ox tongue are more tasty. It’s really tender and quite filling.


The Chinese afternoon is actually a lot better than i expected. The decorations of the restaurant is really nice. Their food is kind of like fusion. They have some steam dumplings and dim sum on the top plate, Vietnamese spring roll and cha siu bun in the middle and have a puff and chocolate pudding for dessert. Teas are included and its flavour can be chosen by us.

Honestly, I don’t expect much from this as it is just 8 pounds, but out of my surprise, this is really good. Good quality food with refillable tea. Nice! :P



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