Things that I want to do in summer 2014

i will be in year 3 next year, so I am probably having my last summer holiday this year. Last year I went to Vietnam for exchange. This year I want to do something different. I have been thinking what to do to fully utilize my last summer holiday. So here come my list:

1. Learning driving and get a driving licence

2. Join makeup classes

3. Internship in a laboratory

4. Meet a new friend

5. Go to a new place (as in a place that i haven’t been to in HK/UK or a new country)

6. Introduce and bring my friends (who are new to HK)  to walk around HK

7. Do a meaningful thing

8. Have at least five Family Day

9. Try something new

That’s it! I will try to add some more as times go by. Please guys, recommend me things that I should add to the list or tell me things that you have been thinking of doing it, maybe I can do it and share my experience!! (:


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