Barcelona Day 5 (last day)

Last day of our trip, we headed off to park guell and Camp Nou.

The whole place is so beautiful, loves the weather and whole environment. After park guell, We went to Camp Nou, our last spot before leaving Barcelona. To be honest, I am not a football fan at all. I have no idea about all the football stars apart from Rooney and Messi. I have learnt a lot  after the FCB experience though. Just made me wow when I got into the stadium. We even recorded stupid videos pretending to be super hyper while watching a match. I am sure if you are a FCB fan, you will enjoy my pictures. For those who hate FCB…. sorry :P


To conclude for my whole trip..

1. Really happy and relaxing

2. Learnt more about Spanish culture

3. Drank lots of Sangria and ate lots of tapas

4. Bumped into 3 friends in 3 different places — same flight, while queuing for Catalana and near the beach

5. Had a terrible, but a really memorable incident in Montserrat




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