Barcelona Day 3

My friend told me that Sagrada  Familia will have a super long queue, so we bought a 3pm ticket before our trip. In order to make out schedule more ‘realistic’ and less tiring like the day before. We have only planned 2 places to go. Park guell then Sagrada Familia.

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We arrived at 11am, so we can more than enough time to have lunch before going to  Sagrada  Familia. Sadly, the staff told us the tickets are sold out till 1pm, so we bought a ticket on friday to come here again. There are 2 routes in the park, one with requires ticket for all those architecture, another are more like for the city view. We walked around in the free route and found a cross on the peak of a mountain on the far left once you enter the entrance.  It looks super far and high, but once we start walking up, it’s actually not too far. Took us around 15 mins only. You can have a really wide and clear city view and breath in less polluted air.



This vending machine is the largest one I have ever seen.


There’s a big street right opposite  Sagrada  Familia , so we just randomly chose one to have lunch. This is a 3 people portion fish and meat pealla, but it’s already a lot for us already! Quite good. But the lobster one was better xd

We booked the tickets for 3pm with church and the tower. I chose Nativity tower, because after my ‘research’ on google. People said that the view from that tower is better. There is a lift going up from the church to tower, but no need for down. The way down is actually quite fun. It’s like a maze. They have many ‘windows’ (like a balcony) that you can walk out to enjoy the view, but it’s quite scary, because it’s so high and seems so not safe. We don’t really dare to walk out to take pictures. The outer wall of Sagrada Familia is beautiful, but the inner part, I personally think it’s just ok. It’s quite modern in there.


We had dinner in hard rock cafe which took us 1.5 hours to wait for our table, so we went to zara and sephora to shop for awhile while waiting. Their menu is same as the one in Edinburgh and Vietnam, I guess they always have the same menu. We wanted to ordered a cocktail, but we haven’t got our passport with us… so we have to order non alcoholic cocktail. The drink we have ordered is really good though. mange with strawberry something and berry something lol Whole meal cost 116euros for 4 people!!! So expensive.. For me, i think it’s not too worthy. This is our most expensive meal so far.


P.S. I just discovered the gallery function, so I am trying out different style of gallery. Hope you won’t be annoyed with the changing style.

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