Barcelona Day 2

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On the way to La rambla. This is a square right outside catalunya station. Loads of pigeons here lol. These two girls were  trying to pick up the bread bites to feed them.

The following is a slideshow of photos I took in La boqueria. Lots of food. The restaurant we tried are right at the back of the market, next to a shop which sell paella. highly recommend!! Seafood are super fresh and their sangria are really good. Got a bit of sand in the razor clam, but overall the quality of food is 9/10.

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At the roof top of the cathedral. The whole thing is bit weird, cause that is literally a rooftop. I don’t think you are expected to go there when they build the cathedral. They just ‘built’ a road and stairs with metal bars and boards for us to walk around. Guess they build for to earn more money from tourist. But the Cathedral is really pretty.


Our names..Charlie Daisy Aggie –> janet Tacy Aqi


A ‘postbox’ outside a souvenir shop

IMG_2420 IMG_2421

This is Picasso Museum. We haven’t got  the chance to go in because is going to close soon. And also we need to go to the beach, so we just go to the souvenir shop and take a look and leave.

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A restaurant call tapatapa. Their food are really good too.Their lobster paella is really good but a bit salty. The clams are not too worthy.. The portion is really small and most of the ‘meat’ have came out of their shell. That jar are filled with sangria with champagne.   The round thing is actually meatball surrounded by some potato i think? the sauce on the top really matches with the meatball.


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