Eat Tokyo

Eat Toyko have recently become a very popular Japanese restaurant for people in London to go. I am not really sure why it has become so popular, so my friends and I would like to go and check it out. One of my friend have been there before with her friends and she said they have super queue every night, so we decide to go there earlier to avoid the queue.


This picture is taken around tottenham court road, London. Don’t know if you guys know who is Invader, a well-known french urban artist. Months ago, he came to Hong Kong and have ‘invaded’ HK with around 40 works. The reason why he is well-knwon in HK now is because the government were trying and had removed some of his work. This led to criticism from art- loving people in HK. This is one of the news about his work got destroyed

Yeah. Back to Eat Tokyo! We arrived at 6:30pm and queued for half an hour. The waitress asked us if we mind sitting at the bar table. We immediately no, as we are sooo hungry and our feet…


This is Eel on rice with egg and onions and also miso soup. The taste is okay, but i think is quite average for such a high recommending restaurant.


This is eel-prawn tempura roll


This is their award- winning roll, which I personally think is the best roll in the rest. The best part is the sauce –> wasabi sauce, green sauce beneath the roll. It’s 13 pounds. I think is a bit too expensive for the roll, even it is quite good.


Deep Fried oyster with mayonnaise and

IMG_2046 IMG_2047

Head chef. The boss, I guess?

Overall, the food is quite good, but a bit over-priced. The style of food have more like a homey feel than a high quality ones. Despite the fact of long queue, slightly overpriced and my friend chair’s was partially broken, it is a good restaurant for a quick and causal dinner.


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