Muriel’s kitchen

My flatmate and I decided to go to Soho and have a look to see what can we get for brunch. Most of the restaurants are closed in the afternoon. There are several small cafes around the area, but i just don’t want any sandwiches or bread (basically cold food) for my first meal of the day, those won’t satisfied my tummy at all ):

After 15 mins search, we came across a cafe which looks really decent, so we decided to have a try.


The atmosphere is really good and have some nice music.


They have quite a lot of choices for you to choose, pastry, pasta, full breakfast, etc. and the prices are affordable for students.



We ordered a full English breakfast and a Egg Royale. They look really appealing. The scramble eggs taste really good and you can tell from the taste that they have used some good quality ingredients. The egg royale is not as good as I expected, very average.

Afterall, this is a great place for you to take a break and escapes from all the notes and essays. Good to have a nice catch up with friends. (Mind you, their service are not very efficient. Took me 10 mins to get a glass of tap water and the bill)

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