Vietnam Day 32

We headed off to Mai Hoa shelter (HIV shelter) and had a last workshop with the kids. Some of them went to meet the older patients and had a chat with them. We taught about baby development and gender difference to the younger kids and LGBT to the teenagers. We played several games at the end and waited for the others to come. They came back and told us one people had a breakdown when they were having group sharing.  Due to some unknown reasons, several people from standard chartered bank came over and visit the patients too, so they join the sharing group.

According to one of the intern, she said that one of the people from the bank had a breakdown after the patients’ sharing. She was crying and said ” I finally know how lucky I am now”. Everyone is ‘wtf’ when she said it, because this is so not appropriate to say it in front of them. Even you feels lucky, you should NEVER say it in front of them.

We left and went to cu chi tunnel. It took us 2 hours to go there.  The entrance fee for locals and foreigners were at least 10 times difference, so we pretended to be locals and bought the cheaper tickets (i know we are wrong ): ) The guide was really nice, he explains and showed us the traps, the places vietnamese used to have meetings, sleeps and heal people. He encouraged us to go into the small ventilation holes for phototaking, but the soil was too wet and dirty (rain) and the hole was too small, we did get in. But we did crawled through a section of tunnel, around 100m i guess. OMG, that was so tiring. The tunnel was so small and dark. We needed to use our iphone as torch to find our way. One of our intern was quite stout and he was stuck in the middle of the tunnel LOL Another intern needed to push him to let him through.


IMG_6536IMG_6540 523444_228880917260852_969577540_n 1002581_228885067260437_232407721_n 73561_228885360593741_1939591527_n

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