Vietnam Day 31

Sorry guys, We will have a super big event on Sunday, so for these few days, we were just busy preparing things for the event and have meeting with the supporters. Its a event call International family festival(IFF), also name as a family bonding day. Our aim is to share about our family culture, sex education and country for each booth.

If you guys understand Vietnamese hahah

We were told to prepare for 4 competitions. UK, France, Portugal, China, Vietnam, Mauritius, Kenya, Netherlands, Indonesia and Malaysia will he competing with each other. (Of corse in a friendly way)

1. best decorated booth

2. roll call

3. catwalk

4. most attractive booth (in terms of the number of people)

For me, I am representing UK so we need to find info. and pictures of UK.
For the catwalk, we have some ideas from Harry Potter and the scottish dress.
For the games, we are going to make a quiz game with 5 different topics. Entertainment, Literature, culture, Tourist Spot and Geography.
I have also bought some chocolate bars like Dove, Snickers, Bounty, shortbread and also some afternoon tea for the visitors to have a try.

We are so busy. We had been staying in Coffee beans(my fav coffee shop in Vietnam) for 5 hours yesterday, just to prepare the materials.

Hope that everything will be fine on Sunday. (Fingercrossed)









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