Vietnam Day 30

Today we got day off. I thought we got promotion tour but turns out that not all interns need to go, so we went to the Saigon Zoo.

Entrance is 9000 Dong only (less than US$1) and it’s like a big park with trees and seats everywhere. The animals are really quite cute but you can see that the living area for each animal is quite small and from the face of the animals you can tell they are not happy at all. Compare to the one I have been in Europe, this of course sucks. But for Vietnam, its pretty good. Wtever, just enjoy the photos.


DSCN6574 DSCN6647 DSCN6567 DSCN6559 DSCN6555 DSCN6546 DSCN6551 DSCN6553 DSCN6658 DSCN6656 DSCN6649 DSCN6637 DSCN6608 DSCN6623 DSCN6635 1146698_229740297174914_1387036519_n


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