Vietnam Day 29

Yesterday night, my roommate  didn’t lock the door properly when we went out to clubbing. Luckily everything is safe when we came back! ARGH .v.

The funny thing is when we came back around 3am, the gate of the hotel have closed. We need to press their bell to tell them to open the gate. We thought we went to the wrong place when we got off the taxi, cause the hotel have ‘disappeared’ lol

We woke up at 11 and check out. Few of them had hungover and sick, so they went back home. Leaving me and another french intern alone. We had Burger King and went to Robbin Baskin to kill time. Ice cream! It’s more or less the same as the one in UK, just the choice of size of ice cream have slight different. Each scoop they have small and big size, even for two scoops. I ordered two small scoops.It’s cheaper and can try more flavours xd It’s not that small actually, just enough for me. Anyone who have been to Ben Thanh market/Ben Thanh bus station would know that there are 4 big road which is soo difficult to cross. My friend told me to record him crossing the road, so he can show his family how ‘dangerous’ Vietnam is. It’s not hard for me to cross their roads now after staying here for a month. But back in the first day I arrive, I literally took 10 mins to cross that road.

We had arranged a farewell dinner with one of my closest friend in Vietnam. I told one of my friend to buy a cake for him and we had shabu-shabu in Vincom center. We had so much fun. it’s like a buffet but the style is like ‘Yo!sushi” with seafood,veg and noodles instead. They got raw squid and clamps which some of them haven’t seen before in their country. One of my friend poked the eye of the squid and all the ink  …out and dyed my shorts. Dxxm him! I pretended to pay the bill and went out and ask for our cake. Since they don’t understand English at all, I used Google translate to communicate with the waitress and they type Vietnamese in the web so I can understand what they meant haha. My friend was really surprised, he loved the cake and we ate the cake in 10 mins because we are late for our last bus. Our last bus is 8:30 and we left at 8:15. We ran to catch a taxi and tell him to drive super quick or else we need to stay in the hotel tonight. The street near Ben Thanh market is blocked due to the night market. Once we get off, we ran madly through the market and ran through all the roads. Luckily, no accidents, no hotels

One of the best day ever.



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