Vietnam Day 28

We had meeting  with all the supporters for the booth.We briefly introduced our project and organization and start presenting our countries. After all the introductory stuff, each booth have 5 supporters and each group need to brainstorm ideas for the decoration and activities of their booth. After the 2 hours meeting, some of us have planned to go clubbing tonight.

I had booked 3 rooms in a hotel near Ben Thanh. We just need to walk around 15 mins straight from highlands coffee already few days ago. Our rooms are nice and clean. We are not going to stay in the hotel for long, so who cares about the decoration and everything. As long as the bed is soft and clean, we are okay with it. After all, it’s just around 1,500,000 Dong/person, we won’t expect much. 

We went to Bui Vien and have some pre-drinking before going to Apocalypse. We have gone to several bars and we found one right opposite crazy buffalo which is really cheap. The place is quite small, but it’s not as noisy as other bars. We had a bit a chat and start ordering. Beers for 7000 Dong and buy 1 get 1 free cocktails!!!

Apocalypse is not that nice. Their music sucks and they got lots of prostitute in there (very obvious). We didn’t stay long and left. The thing that you guys need to remember if you are going to Lush(another club), don’t wear in black especailly girls! All prostitute wears in black in order to make them easy to be identify I guess.  Also, most of the clubs close at 2am, so don’t go there too late or else… lol I know that 2am are usually ‘the start clubbing’ time.



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