Vietnam Day 27

Just realise i have forgot to tell you guys I have moved in and have been staying with my new host for 2 weeks already. It’s in Thu duc next to district 9. I need to wake up 1.5 hour earlier everyday before work, because just of the transport!!!!! Takes me 45-60 mins to go to ben thanh. I really miss my old host family. They are so nice to me My new host doesn’t seems friendly and responsible.

Last week, I got a day off and i told her i would like to buy some souvenirs for my family and friends. She said she can bring me around and show me places which have nice and cheap stuff the next day. Usually if we are going to work together, she will come in early in the morning and tell me around what  time we will leave home.   I woke up and get changed early in the morning that day so  she don’t need to wait for me when she is ready. Her room was still in silent at 10, so i text her and see if she have woke up already. She didn’t reply me till 11, saying that she had a urgent meeting  this morning and forgot to inform me. I asked her around what time will she be back and she said she is not sure. I was so pissed and disappointed, she didn’t even apologize.

I got nothing to do till 2pm today, so I walked around my place. I found a big supermarket, as big as those big Sainsbury, a wet market,a dodgy arcade centre and a bloody dead mouse with all the organs squished out in the middle of the street.

It is always fun to be adventuress and search for new places ALONE.

After the meeting, we had a farewell dinner in a vietnamese restaurant. She is leaving to Singapore for half year exchange. She is a really good company. I will go to Germany and visit her if I have time in the coming Easter.

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