Vietnam Day 26

Today, we had the last workshop in the pagoda. The weather was so bad this morning, many of the interns didn’t come because of the weather. We were so pissed, because there should be no excuse of skipping work.  We talked about love, friendship and behaviour and gave them a big conclusion on what we have taught them in the past few weeks. I really hope they will remember what we have taught them, since those things are so important to them. Both intellectual and physical. We took pictures and gave them chupa chups at the end and said a proper goodbye ):

We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.Our group have quite a lot of Asian, so we have arranged a Chinese gathering tonight. This gathering is not a gathering for only Chinese, China, but also for Malaysian-Chinese, Hong Kong-Chinese and Taiwan-(Chinese).

But then, we accidentally bumped into other interns when we were meeting in Ben Thanh bus station, so we invited them to join. We had a really great dinner. 7 of us, born in different places, have different backgrounds. religions and traditions. This was so hard for us when ordering because of the culture diversity.

Chinese girl- don’t eat seafood (allergic)

Taiwanese guy- don’t eat beef  (family tradition)

Mauritius guy- don’t eat pork (pork)

When the dishes were served, we had to list out all the ingredients and food they had put in each dish, so they could avoid eating the things they can’t eat. hahha. FUN NIGHT.

IMG_6497 IMG_6490 16599_227627364052874_1972016785_n 1002356_227627347386209_1798259879_n1095101_227626764052934_628499960_n

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