Vietnam Day 25

Today, we had our last school visit. We went to a local school which the students don’t speak English at all. We planned to do the same programme again but we divide into boy and girl groups, so we can teach them condoms and contraceptive pills separately.

We rehearsed and by the time we started, the projector broke down!!! They got 1 projector only, so we can’t do anything. Fortunately, the project leader had invited a guest, which is a speaker, to visit us earlier. We asked her for help, to give a short talk about sex.

After that, we got a discussion session. We divided them into groups and gave them a question to discuss. Since they don’t speak English at all, we can’t even communicate. I tried to tell the translator to translate my words and gave them instructions, but the translator just don’t listen and made up everything by herself. The students just kept chatting among themselves! God. I was so pissed. It was such a mess. All of us agreed that this is the worst workshop ever. Compare to the students in the pagoda, the kids are so much better. Although we can’t really communicate and sometimes they are quite naughty, at least they listen to us.

The project leader said that these students need more sex-ed than others, since their school haven’t got that much resources and they are poor in general. They are the ones which are less likely to receive knowledge about safe sex and contraception in vn . I hope our effort paid off and the students did learn something from us.








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