Vietnam Day 22

We had a culture day held in the Institute of American Education. It is a vietnam-based american community college and students with high grades may have a chance to go to US to continue their studies. I think most of you are familiar with this.

Ya. and the ‘principal’ of the college requested us to talk about music and language in our event.

We had a AIESEC dance thing as ice break and start our activity. We got around 60 people, so we decided to divide into 2 lines and introduce ourselves to the guy opposite you. After 1 min, they will shift and we will have a new person to talk to. (you will get what I mean when you look at the pic)

Then we got a music session. Each intern in charge of 5 students and we need to teach them a short song in our native language then we need to perform it. That was really fun. I taught my group a Cantonese children song. It’s quite easy to pick up i guess, because all of them pronounced it accurately and they can even memorize it after 15 mins.

For the culture part, we actually got a roll play thing. We got 4 themes like festival, traffic jam, school, etc. Each group will have to choose one theme and act out the things they usually do in their own country

996885_225193647629579_337009514_n 1005188_225193494296261_1948460154_n 21443_225193464296264_283914997_n 46485_225193800962897_265337250_n 74612_225196730962604_1248715438_n 992814_225208290961448_965221482_n 1005762_225194494296161_1106406376_n 21470_225195354296075_32884491_n 67422_225208064294804_1138884414_n IMG_6363

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