Vietnam Day 21

I went to the guesthouse to find them early in the morning.
Sadly, I got lost again LoL I called my friend and he brought me to the guesthouse from lotteria.

Others have left already at 7 because they have to go to a 3 day conference. Now, we have nothing to do. I had my breakfast in that cafe and they checked out. The cafe is in British style. woohoo!! Love the cafe. They got books for you to read and some mini-games for you to play with friends. i bet the friendly British guy i meet yesterday is the owner of this cafe.

We walked along Bui Vien and went back to the centre. My indo friend want to but VANS, so we went to VINCOM to take a look. Start raining heavily (typical hcmc weather)  by the time we arrived (lucky me). That means we are trapped in the mall and need to waited for around 2 hours for the rain to stop. We drank bubble tea in Chatime and went to the arcade which locates in the basement to kill time. It was super fun!! Just want to mention sth about Chatime,  the bubble tea taste so weird. I have ordered taco milk tea and I feel like i am eating taco instead of drinking something -,- The one in London and Hk are much better than this.

After that, we went to diamond plaza to search for VANS. She finally bought a red one and we accidentally found that we can play bowling there. We just played for 1 round and left. I suck at this ):

We then went to a ‘french-style’ cafe to have something to eat. The cafe looks really nice. The food are really good too. Really like the decoration and the music. We sat there for around 1.5 hours and we left.

I went to Skybar to meet up with other interns after that and then headed home.

IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6351

IMG_6359 IMG_6358 IMG_6357 IMG_6355 IMG_6343 IMG_63531005642_10201408461831581_2127678412_n

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