Vietnam Day 20

Today, we went to Tran Dai Nghia for workshop again.

The content/schedule is basically more or less the same as the previous one in Nguyen Cong Tru high school. I am in charge of the contraception part again. Everything goes really well. This school is actually for gifted children to study, therefore we don’t need a translator at all.. Their English are really good. We have no problem communicating with them at all. Just a slight ‘accident’ happened. The project leader have used my un-edited version of PowerPoint, this makes me freak out a bit, but luckily I remembered what have I added/changed.

Lots of the students add me in facebook at night.

Thank God that we had held a successful workshop again. Hope everything will continue to go well (:

After that, some of them have planned to go to clubbing tonight and some want to go to bars, that means they need to stay in a hostel tonight. They haven’t found a place yet, so I joined and found a guest house in Bui Vien. The owner own a cafe on the ground floor and we stayed in the second floor. We played pictionary and monopoly in the cafe.
We got a leaflet from the massage shop right opposite to us and decided to go there to have a nice massage. It’s superrrr cheap and the place look really decent. It cost us 160,000 Dong for an hour and we got 20% discount!
I went home after that because i haven’t got any clothes to change and i don’t think they have space for me to sleep lol

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