Vietnam Day 18

Everyday one is so busy too. The new interns went to little rose shelter, girl orphanage to have workshops. 3 of them went to a AIESEC conference ‘Youth to Business’, so only me, German girl and French girl have day off. Since we are the ones who came earlier, so we are in charge of another orphanage instead.

We googled tourist spot in hcmc few days ago, and we found out Can Gio, which is a monkey island. One of our buddies have recommended a local tour for us so we booked it online on the spot. It costs us around US$30.

We gathered outside their office at 8:45am and we got on a small van for 12 people. It was nice and comfy and took us around 2 hours to get there. Our tour guide was super nice and he named himself as handsome lol After that, our van got on a ferry to cross the river. (‘got on’ means the whole van is on the ferry and we were in the van. haha quite fun.)

We arrived and saw lots of monkeys. We fed them peanuts and took lot of pictures.  There is a mangrove forest there and we got on a speed boat and rode around the forest. They brought us to a place and showed us how Vietnamese people survive and fought against the Americans in that place. We had a really nice lunch in the restaurant of a nearby resort, we got hotpot, fried egg and chinese veg, They got a swimming pool there and some of our ‘tour-mates’ went there swam a bit. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring anything, so we just waited in their ‘cafe’ and had a good chat.

We ended up in a fish market with superrrr fresh seafood there. If I can cook in my host, i will definitely bought all of them home!! arghhhhh. I want seafood so much.

P.S. A small accident happened to one of the girl in our tour. She wore orange shirt and i guess this attracts monkeys. One of the monkey literally jumped on her and bit her. She got a small bit on her arm and some stretches on her back. The staff in the monkey place sterilized her wound and continued her journey. I wondered why don’t she go to the hospital directly… She said she have took the MMR vaccine ,so she will be alright.


IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6227 IMG_6222 IMG_6218 IMG_6217 IMG_6212 IMG_6236 IMG_6243 IMG_6250 IMG_6272 IMG_6274 IMG_6277 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6286 IMG_6292

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