Vietnam Day 17

Its Saturday, so we haven’t got work to do. The OC have organized a Vietnamese class for us to learn some basic Vietnamese in the Speak up Club, which is a cafe that they constantly hold English learning class for the locals. Since we have a super big event next month, so we had a meeting there for 3 hours to brainstorm our ideas.

After that, we went to the 23/9 park which is just opposite Ben thanh market to have a welcome party for the new interns. well… we thought that they will gave us hot food for dinner… turns out the food are fruits.. We went to burger king to have quick meal while they are preparing. They brought a lot of ‘tropical’ fruits and vietnamese street food. Although It’s not enough, but still, that is very nice of them. We kept explaining different kinds of fruits to the westerners haha.

You guys know durian? It got a strong smell. You either love it or hate it. Our french girl said it’s like butter and she hate it, but the Dutch girl said she loves it. Go and have a try if you come to asian countries.


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