Vietnam Day 16

Today we went to the pagoda again. But this time, i am not the one in charge, so we just used the content of another group to run the workshop. We talked about creation and development of babies. We showed them a cartoon of making babies. Like how sperms and egg get in touch and fertilized. And show them pics of how does the fetus looks like in different stage of pregnancy. We haven’t got much to tell them. Luckily, one of our Vietnamese supporters got a video of how baby grows in the womb. Its from a documentary i think and its really interesting. Feel free to ask me for the video and I can send it to you guys.

Some interns arrived 2 weeks later than me, so they have missed the first “research in the park”, exactly the same as the one I did before. I waited them in Coffee beans and joined their drinking around 5.

We went to the sky bar in Bitexco tower, tallest building in HCMC. Bare your mind. The beer there cost around 60,000 Dong each and it’s at 61th floor and you can sit there for hours. However, visitors usually go to their sky deck thing which is at the 59th floor and you need to pay 200,000 dong for that.

My advice: If you want to see the hcmc city night view, just go to the skybar instead of the deck. Save you lots of money and can also enjoy a nice drink there.

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