Vietnam Day 15

Today will be the first time for us to go to high school to present about sex education.

Why do we need to talk teach them about abortion and contraception?

Because the abortion rate in HCMC in the highest in Vietnam. Vietnam have the highest abortion rate in Southeast Asia and rank 5th in the world. Around 60-70% of pregnancy are aborted each year, ~300,000 cases are recorded for girls aged 15-19 (2010).Also, one of the reason why the abortion rate is so high because babies can be aborted up to 22 weeks.

We talk about abortion and ways of contraception to them. Actually, i don’t really know anything about contraception apart from condoms and pills. I really learnt a lot after google-ing to prepare the PowerPoint.  We also put a practical part in our workshop to teach them how to use condoms. We show and explain the correct progress and gave condoms for them to practice.


2 thoughts on “Vietnam Day 15

  1. I’m really enjoying all your updates about your time here in HCMC – what an interesting journey you are on! Please do keep updating on your stories, they are a fantastic read :D

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